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CLUE: Ghostbusters (d)

CLUE: Ghostbusters (d)


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Imagine a team of paranormal eliminators racing to a farmhouse in Ecto-1 to work together to roast some ghosts and solve a mystery. By process of elimination, players figure out who the leader is, how to trap it, and where it will appear. Will Slimer appear in the lab and get trapped with a Proton Pack? Maybe it’s Gozer, with the Aztec Whistle in the barn. Move from location to location, make suggestions, and narrow down possibilities as other players show their cards. Paranormal cards add teamwork to the game letting players team up to battle a ghost or get closer to the truth. Once a player makes an accusation, check the Tobin’s Spirit Guide card sleeve to see if they’re right. A correct accusation wins the game.
2-6 players
Ages 8+
6 cardboard characters tokens (with plastic bases)
6 cardboard ghost tokens
6 miniature spectral devices
30 cards (6 ghost cards, 6 spectral device cards, 9 location cards, 9 paranormal cards)
Tobin’s Spirit Guide card sleeve
2 dice
Game rules


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