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Munchkin Dungeon: Board Silly

Munchkin Dungeon: Board Silly


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Genre: Fantasy  
Age: 14+  
Min Players: 2  
Max Players: 5  
Time: 60-90 Minutes  


We know you love a good board game. You’ve got a huge collection that you’re proud of. You have them neatly shelved and in pristine condition. It’s a true beauty to behold. But what if your collecting skills could benefit you IN one of your board games Yeah, that’d be sweet. The Board Silly expansion for Munchkin Dungeon is our love-letter to board gamers everywhere. It’s our tongue-in-cheek look at the community, with new Monsters like the Shrieking Geek and Orc Board Game Reviewer. There’s even a new Meeple Boss to fight at the bottom of the Dungeon. Players can also collect Loot on their Shelf Board, getting bonuses for having a complete collection at the end of the game. Just make sure to fill it all the way in. Nobody likes holes in their collection.


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