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Operation: Buzz Lightyear

Operation: Buzz Lightyear


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Genre: Children's  Movie/TV  
Age: 6+  
Min Players: 1  
Max Players: 5  
Time: 10-20 Minutes  


To infinity and ouch! Attention, Star Command! Buzz Lightyear needs your help. Kids can have a blast fixing his 11 hilarious ailments such as a squeaky solar socket, lunar oil leak, and damaged dashboard in this classic Operation game featuring Buzz Lightyear. Players can enjoy electrifying-fun, using the tweezers to remove the most pieces from the hero without setting off the light-up monitor and getting buzzed. If a player successfully removes a piece without touching the sides, they get to keep it. The player with the most game pieces is the winner. If there’s a tie, everyone wins!


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