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The Office: Downsizing

The Office: Downsizing


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“Oh, it is on like a prawn who yawns at dawn.” Huh? It’s a game of workplace survival! Michael hears that everyone from the Scranton branch will be laid off at the end of the week, but some employees from the branch will be promoted to corporate post-layoff. To Michael that means if he can find out who’s going to be promoted he can fire them first, he’ll get promoted and he’ll save the Scranton crew from being laid off. What a guy!

5-10 players
Ages 16+

Dry Erase Marker
Dry Erase Calendar
1 Dundie Award
Plastic Stand
10 ID Cards. 10 Envelopes
45 Email Cards
10 Character Attribute Cards
27 Incident Review Cards
10 Dundie Cards