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Genre: Children's  
Age: 6+  
Min Players: 2  
Max Players: 6  
Time: 20 Minutes  


Bread-shaped cards are dealt evenly to players sitting in a circle. They then take turns flipping their top card onto the center pile. If two of the same cards appear in a row, such as two pickle cards, then that’s a Double Decker! If two of the same cards are separated by a different card in the middle, such as 2 bacon cards with a peanut butter card in between, then that’s gross, but it’s also a Slamwich! The first player to slap the pile when a Double Decker or a Slamwich appears, keeps the pile. But don’t make a Slip Slap – that’s when you slap the pile by mistake – or you’ll lose a card. Players can also gain cards by stopping sandwich thieves, and Muncher Cards give you even more opportunities to gorge yourself on all the food.


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