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Washer Toss

Washer Toss


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The perfect game for tailgates and backyard barbecues!
Washer toss is a little bit like cornhole, a little bit like horseshoes, expect cornhole is a little more forgiving, and horseshoes isn’t quite as portable! It’s easy to get started: flip open the metal clasps, set up your targets, and start tossing washers. Washers in the pipe score 3 points, and washers on the turf score one. How good is your aim?
Why You’ll Love It: Our Washer Toss has the classic, down-home look: dark wood, bright turf, and PVC piping. The whole set is self-contained and packs right up, latching shut securely with tough metal clasps. From there, it’s easy to carry anywhere it needs to be!
Each target is a 13.5″ square with 3.75″ walls. Includes 3 red and 3 blue washers.


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