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Darkridge Reunion: A Killer Party Game

Darkridge Reunion: A Killer Party Game


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Age: 13+  
Min Players: 6  
Max Players: 12  
Time: 60-90 Minutes  


• ​​A KILLER PARTY GAME: Part murder mystery, part survival game, former high school Jocks, Geeks and Rebels compete against each other, going so far as to “kill” to get ahead!

• FULLY IMMERSIVE: Like the best escape room experiences, players move in real time across multiple rooms all the while avoiding getting “killed” by the Slasher. Requires 3+ rooms or spaces

• EVERYONE PLAYS: the game changes every time with a randomly selected “Slasher,” allowing the host to join and enabling everyone to play over and over again

• "MURDER" DEVICE INCLUDED: Each game set includes one foam dagger, 12 character options with ID holders and lanyards, 14 secret missions, 14 artifacts, 14 ghost objectives and a digital game invitation • REQUIREMENTS: at least three rooms or spaces; 6-12 players ages 13+; flat soled shoes (in case you flee the ‘killer’), interest in roleplaying a character, sense of adventure!