Bears vs. Babies

We played Bears vs Babies at Compulsory Merriment last week (which is a statement I never imagined saying out loud.) This is a game from the Exploding Kittens crew that has their recognizable, hilarious and off-kilter vibe. The object of the game is simple: Build a Bear Army out of random spare parts and use it to fight packs of vicious Babies.

Every turn has two actions. You can draw cards, play cards to build a monster Bear or, if you draw a Baby, add that Baby to its Army in the center of the board. For example, I had a Pigeon – That is Also a Tank – with one Lobster Claw; the other arm was bristling with weapons. When babies are provoked, they attack, and anyone who has fewer monster parts than the number of attacking babies loses their monster; everyone with more parts than babies defeats the infantile army and scores!15-

Chris won, though I’ll admit I took some of the sheen off his achievement by calling him the “Biggest Baby.” (I should really be a better sport.) Once you get through the first round to learn the game, additional cards add new actions and opportunities so, unlike Exploding Kittens, Bears vs. Babies has strategy to it– not just luck. This is a quick, fun, all-ages game with great artwork and a ridiculous premise. We all liked the game and you probably will too–especially if you’re like Chris and you like games that, “Don’t have so many rules it would take a #@$! Oxford Dictionary.”

15-20 minutes playtime, 2-5 players, Ages 8+