We played Chaos at Compulsory Merriment yesterday. I finally won (both times) so, now, it’s my new favorite game! 🤣

Chaos is an indie game that started out with two brothers sitting in a KC parking lot drawing ideas on a napkin. The brother we met is a retired EMT/Firefighter…which may give you some idea of his appetite for chaos! The game pays some homage to the classic Sorry! but it’s more like Sorry played in a post-apocalyptic hellscape that is, well… chaotic!

Players start with their pawns in the Pit. The idea is to get all your pawns to the Sanctuary. You have to roll an even number to get your pawn in play and, when you do, you can decide the direction of movement. Turn order and pawn movement is represented by tokens and, sometimes, we have no idea why a game has tokens but, in Chaos, you really need them! Once your pawn is on the board, you roll two dice: the movement die and the Chaos die. If it comes up Chaos, you holler, “Chaos!” and the movement and turn order changes directions. You need the tokens to figure out what the heck is happening.

You might march, unmolested, from your Pit to your Sanctuary. You might get sent in the wrong direction. You might kick an opponent off the board or be kicked. You might land on a “draw a card” space and heaven help you. The card could be useful or it could add to the general mayhem.

Mandi and I both loved the game. (Did I mention I won both times?) Chris, who always rates *everything* with “3 stars” gave it a 3.5. Chaos is a family game but we all agreed it would take near-zero effort to turn it into a drinking game. Come try out some Chaos in the game room and keep up with the brothers at @Innovative Ideas

2-4 players, 45-75 minutes playtime, Ages 13+