Head Trip

We played Head Trip at Compulsory Merriment yesterday. This is a prerelease from the Cards Against Humanity folks. It’s not CAH, but it has similar raunchy humor and the familiar sense that the game was designed while under the influence of a variety of controlled substances.

One player is The Tripper, who selects a question card with choices from A-D plus a character card that sets the tone of who is asking the question. All the other players bet on the Tripper’s answer. For example, “You are a sad, old, meth-addicted Batman. A giant tarantula is eating all your food and calling you ugly. How do you feel? Discuss!”

We didn’t really get the hang of it until Chris answered a question as “Portia Alabaster, the whitest woman who ever lived.” (This is probably funnier if you know Chris.) But we all decided that Head Trip is a hilarious party game! Mandi and I both vowed that this one is replacing Cards Against Humanity at our next family gatherings. Chris says he’s going to play it with the neighbors. Yep. Y’all have been warned!

Plus, Head Trip is available now at the special prerelease price of $20 bucks…which is a whole lot cheaper than it will be once this game is turned loose on the world.

30-60 minutes playtime, 3-10 players, Ages 17+