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Enhance RPG GM’s Backpack

Enhance RPG GM’s Backpack


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  • GAME MASTER's CAMPAIGN BACKPACK – A D&D equipment chest with comfy straps designed to carry an adventurer's hoard of supplies: 6-8 RPG books, up to 18" laptop, 1-2 binders, DM screen, 25+ minis, more
  • BUILT-IN RPG BOOK CELLAR – The RPG Backpack features a book shelf-like area tailored for easy access and roomy organization of a Dungeon Master's essential tome library (8 books OR 6 books + binder)
  • DM'ing EQUIPMENT CHASM – A tall vertical pocket suited for whatever notetaking & organizing tool a DM prefers: either a laptop/tablet, a DM screen, or an oversized notebook for pen & paper purists
  • MINIS BARRACKS – House your collection of PCs, NPCs, monsters across 3 integrated miniatures foam trays: 16-slot tray for 28mm figures, 8-slot tray for medium figures, and a customizable foam tray
  • QUICK ACCESS LOOT POUCHES – A slew of zippered pouches neatly organize all your RPG accessories, pencils/pens, tokens, cards, loose dice, note pads | 3 Year Mfr. Warranty | Accessories NOT Included

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