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Fallout Shelter The Board Game (Base)

Fallout Shelter The Board Game (Base)


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Genre: Strategy  
Age: 14+  
Min Players: 2  
Max Players: 4  
Time: 60-90 Minutes  


Fantasy Flight Games invites you to create a brighter future underground with Fallout Shelter, a new board game for two to four players based on the hit mobile game!

In Fallout Shelter, you play as one of the officers of the vault, trying to foster happiness among your vault dwellers. You will need to assign your dwellers to tasks, manage the vault’s resources, and keep everyone safe from threats. Keep in mind, whichever of you can inspire the most happiness will win the hearts and minds of your dwellers for the coming election of the new Overseer!

2-4 players

Ages 14+

60-90 minute play time


  • 30 Rooms
  • 5 Elevators
  • 31 Items
  • 4 Resource Trackers
  • 18 Threats
  • 2 Dice
  • 72 Resource Cubes
  • 28 Dwellers
  • 42 Happiness
  • 1 First Player Token


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