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Last Kingdom Board Game

Last Kingdom Board Game


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The kingdoms of Britain are at war. Many have already fallen to the invading Danes, leaving the great kingdom of Wessex standing alone and defiant under the command of King Alfred. You are one of the great commanders and politicians in this war-torn land known today as England. Both Saxon and Dane armies openly battle for dominance, and it is up to you to title the scales of power. To claim these lands, you will need to tread a dangerous path between both sides of the conflict.

Will you betray your allies for power? What part will you play in the birth of a new nation, and will you ultimately rule it all?

In The Last Kingdom Board Game, each player controls one of many influential leaders vying for control over Britain in this time of conflict. The game plays over the course of 2 rounds during which players will perform actions to command armies to shape the course of the war. Your allegiance to the Saxons or the Danes can be firm or fickle, and your score will reflect not just your prowess in battle, but your political skill in maneuvering the competing forces of Britain.

Each of the 10 leaders will offer unique benefits to your strategy and provide special cards to start your hand.

Battle as Saxon or Dane for the dominance of Britain.

60-150 minutes playtime

2-5 players

Ages 14+

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