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National Parks Get Wild

National Parks Get Wild


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National Parks: Get Wild is an edge-of-your-seat family dice game where players race to restore eco systems by gathering animals and returning them to their respective parks. In this fast-paced dice rolling game, players send wildlife animals that dont belong in their park to other players parks, all while gathering the animals that do belong. Claim victory by being the first player to have only the required animal in your park. Showcasing 6 different animals across 12 iconic National Parks with custom illustrations and fun facts about each park, players will learn while having fun. Its a wild dexterity game that features dice-rolling, habitat restoration fun for the whole family!


  • – 1 Map Board
  • – 6 Double-sided Player Boards
  • – 18 Dice
  • – 60 Animal Tokens
  • – Rules

AGE: 6+


PLAY TIME: 20 Min.

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