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CHESS: Super Mario Collector’s Edition

CHESS: Super Mario Collector’s Edition


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Genre: Movie/TV  Strategy  
Age: 6+  
Min Players: 2  
Max Players: 2  
Time: 30-60 Minutes  


The 1st-ever Nintendo-authorized chess game… starring the most popular Super Mario characters! Packaged in a cool collector's tin, this super-special set features 32 colorfully detailed pieces, including Mario (king), Luigi (queen), Princess Peach (bishop), Princess Daisy (bishop), Yoshi (knight), Toad (rook), Coin (pawn), Bowser (king), Bowser Jr. (queen), Magikoopa (bishop), Birdo (knight), Goomba (rook), and Koopa Shell (pawn). Unbelievable!


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