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Chinese Mahjong Playing Cards

Chinese Mahjong Playing Cards


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The Classic Chinese Tile Game Brought to You in a Deck of Cards

It's finally here – a more convenient way to play Mahjong! No need for heavy and expensive tiles that are hard take with you. Just like tile sets, this deck comes with 144 cards: 3 suites of 36 circles, characters, and bamboo, along with 16 winds, 12 dragons, and 8 flowers & seasons. Each deck comes with a set of traditional rules to walk through everything from set up, to seating, to winning the game – no previous knowledge required.

Why You'll Love It:

What started off as a Qing Dynasty classic is still a favorite pastime today. Our cards measure just 2.75" x 2.25" which are the same proportions as the classic tiles. No need for an extra-large table, this small deck will fit on most tables so you can play just about anywhere. It even comes in a 2.75" x 2.5" storage box to easily fit in a backpack, or bookbag, and store conveniently on a game shelf or in a closet. Add in your own fun by playing a game of mahjong solitaire, or tarot card readings.

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