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CRIBBAGE: Luxury Cribbage

CRIBBAGE: Luxury Cribbage


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Same Game. New Crib.

Crafted from wood with a dark stain and decorated with lighter tones reminiscent of the classic red, green, and blue tracks. To compliment the new crib, Luxury Cribbage comes with a deck of black core playing cards, custom King, Queen, and Jack portrait artwork, and 3 sets of premium metal pegs in silver, gold and black.

As a game enjoyed by generations young and old, you can keep the tradition alive with a Cribbage set that matches your style. If you're new to the game or just rusty, we've included a booklet with instructions and game rules to get everyone up to speed.

If you like to keep a small footprint, this one's for you! Slide the board away from the base to reveal the game piece storage hidden underneath. Also comes with a small cloth bag to keep the pegs in.

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