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Enchanted Plumes

Enchanted Plumes


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In Enchanted Plumes, players strive to complete magical Peacocks by assembling plumes in sparkling rows from top to bottom, using multiple colors of Feather cards while matching cards of the same color from row to row. The player with the most valuable plumes wins the game and is bestowed with the luck of the Peacock!

The object of Enchanted Plumes is to assemble dazzling peacock plumes and score the most points when the Peahen appears at the end of the game. Players manage their hand of Feather cards, building plumes in descending rows from top to bottom. As the plumes are built, cards may only be added if they match the colors of Feather cards in rows above. During final scoring, the top row of each plume is counted against your score, while cards in lower rows earn you points; complete Peacocks will earn you valuable bonus points!

2-6 playersAges 8+20 minute play time


  • 100 Feather cards
  • 1 Peahen card
  • Game rules


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