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As ambitious journalists, players go in search of Evidence to prove the existence of some of the world’s greatest mysteries. In order to convince the editor-in-chief and make it to the front page with that story, they‘ll have to keep searching and following even the smallest rumors until the signs get hot. But time is of the essence because their competitors have also become aware of the story…

At the beginning of the game, one clue card is hidden beneath each of the mysteries, becoming the evidence card. The remaining clue cards are distri-buted among the players.

In clockwise order, players play clue cards with values on them, enabling everyone to deduce the value of the evidence card for each of six mysteries. They may also take research cards corresponding to the mysteries.

After all clue cards have been played, each research cards grants as many points as the evidence card of the respective mystery.

2-5 players

Ages 8+

20 minute play time


90 cards


28 Spring Street, Eureka Springs, AR 72632