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The Princess Bride I Hate To Kill You

The Princess Bride I Hate To Kill You


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The Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill You is a quick, but crafty, dice and card game that recreates (and re-imagines) the sword duels from The Princess Bride. Play as the Man in Black, Inigo Montoya, Count Rugen, or Prince Humperdinck.

Each player starts with six dice and ten cards. Each turn, both players roll their dice, then play a card which may modify the outcome. Some cards modify their own dice, some modify the opponent's dice, and others return dice to the active pool. The player with the highest total of Swords scores a hit and must remove a die (showing a sword) from their active pool. As the tension builds, and players lose more dice and more cards, the first player to score five hits wins the duel and the game.

7-10 minutes playtime

2 players

Ages 10+


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