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We Rate Dogs

We Rate Dogs


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Genre: Animal  
Age: 8+  
Min Players: 3  
Max Players: 6  
Time: 30-60 Minutes  


Each players adopts a hand of pups to compete in a dog show and ultimately have their pup be named Best in Show with ratings in 6 categories.

They're good dogs, Brent! Based on @WeRateDogs, Matt Nelson's massively successful Twitter account with more than 7 million followers that showcases user-submitted dog photos, We Rate Dogs! The Card Game is fast-paced fun for 3-6 players, ages 8 and up where good dogs compete to be the very best! Players choose their favorite pups to compete in a dog show, with ratings based on six categories: Floof, Sass, Boopability, Zoom, Ears, and Wag. Play action cards to knock your opponents' dogs down in the ranks, improve your own dog's ratings, and be named the goodest dog. Only one dog can be named Best in Show, but not to worry, no dog will ever be less than a 10/10!


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