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You’ve Got Crabs Core Deck

You’ve Got Crabs Core Deck


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Genre: Animal  Humor  Party  
Age: 7+  
Min Players: 4  
Max Players: 10  
Time: 15-20 Minutes  


For a kid-friendly game that will entertain friends and family, try You've Got Crabs party game from Exploding Kittens. Gather at least four players and split into two teams. With your team, decide on a secret signal. Sit across from your team and draw cards from the You've Got Crabs set. The goal: draw four of a kind and use your signal to alert your team — if they understand and yell "you've got crabs," you gain a point. The catch: if the other team deciphers your signal and yells "you've got crabs," you lose a point. Whichever team gets the most crabs wins!


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