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MTG: Zendikar Rising Bundle Gift Edition 9/25/20

MTG: Zendikar Rising Bundle Gift Edition 9/25/20


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Genre: Fantasy  Wargame  
Age: 13+  
Min Players: 2  
Max Players: 2  
Time: 20 Minutes  


An adventurer's dream score! Celebrate Zendikar Rising, in style with an extra-special, upgraded Bundle, including a Collector Booster filled with premium goodies. Each box includes ten 15-card Zendikar Rising draft boosters, plus one Zendikar Rising Collector booster. In addition, other items include a special foil Gift Edition card box, a special oversized Gift Edition Spindown life counter, 20 premium foil and 20 regular basic lands, and a single alternate-art premium foil Charix, the Raging Isle card.


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