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MTG: Dominaria United Draft Booster 9/9/22

MTG: Dominaria United Draft Booster 9/9/22


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Dominaria United Draft Boosters are designed for that perfect Draft or Sealed play experience, but just like Set and Collector Boosters, every single Draft Booster in Dominaria United contains a legendary creature, perfect for defending the plane from a threat to the Multiverse. These boosters are optimized for fun and competitive gameplay, and they continue to include a rare or mythic rare in every booster, and plenty of Booster Fun treatments.

Like with Set and Collector Booster displays, every Draft Booster display comes with a special traditional foil Legends Retold Box Topper, where you can find one of 20 new legendary creatures inspired by Legends.

Dominaria United Draft Boosters contain:

  • 1 Rare or mythic rare that can be a legendary creature and/or showcase stained-glass, borderless, or Phyrexian-language card
  • 1 Rare or uncommon legendary creature with an opportunity to get the showcase stained-glass, borderless, or Phyrexian-language treatment
  • 1 Basic land, which can have the showcase stained-glass treatment
  • 1 Basic land or non-foil common, or an opportunity for many other cards, including a traditional foil that could be rare or mythic rare, showcase, borderless, or Phyrexian
  • 2 Nonlegendary uncommons
  • 9 Commons

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