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MTG: Dominaria United Jumpstart 9/9/22

MTG: Dominaria United Jumpstart 9/9/22


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With Dominaria United, Jumpstart will release with a themed Magic set and with standard-legal cards for the first time. Jumpstart is the quickest and easiest way to play a Limited game of Magic: just open two Jumpstart Boosters, shuffle them together, and play! Jumpstart is a great sealed experience for everyone, from new players to long time Magic fans. Skip the deck building and jump right into playing games of Magic.

Dominaria United Jumpstart Boosters come in one of ten themes, and when you put them together, chaos ensues! In Dominaria United Jumpstart, the Coalition Corps may join forces with the Beasts of Dominaria, or the ruthless Phyrexians may find themselves allied with mischief makers in the Tolarian Academy.

Here's all ten themes to discover:

  • White: Coalition Corps and Coalition Legions
  • Blue: Mystic Mischief and Arcane Mischief
  • Black: Totally Ruthless and Totally Merciless
  • Red: Ready to Charge and Ready to Attack
  • Green: Beast Territory and Monster Territory
  • For Dominaria United, there are five new and rare cards that are designed for Jumpstart Boosters, one for each color, and all the Jumpstart rare cards are standard legal. Each booster will also come with another rare from the main set that is randomly selected from a pool within the theme's color pie.

Dominaria United Jumpstart Boosters each contain:

  • 1 Theme card that describes the theme of the Jumpstart Booster
  • 20 Total playable cards
  • 2 Rare cards—one random rare or mythic rare from the main set within the theme's mana color and one rare that is designed for Jumpstart Boosters
  • 2 Traditional foil lands
  • 5 Non-foil lands
  • 1 Non-foil full-art stained-glass basic land

The five new rares designed for Dominaria United Jumpstart Boosters can also be found in Set Boosters, in both foil and nonfoil, as well as in an extended-art version in Collector Boosters.

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