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Blokus Roll & Write Dice Game

Blokus Roll & Write Dice Game


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Genre: Strategy  
Age: 7+  
Min Players: 2  
Max Players: 4  
Time: 15 Minutes  


Shake things up with Blokus Dice Game, an easy-to-learn, travel-friendly spin on the classic family strategy game! Just like the original Blokus board game, your goal is to cover the most squares on your game board. Roll the four dice – each number corresponds to a row of Blokus shapes printed on your board. Choose a die then pick a shape from the corresponding row. Choose wisely because each shape can only be used once! Every turn you'll use a differently colored dry erase pen – either red, blue, green, or yellow – to fill in the spaces on your board. Just remember the one rule of Blokus: shapes of the same color can only touch at the corners! When you finish, pass your marker to the left, receive a new marker from the player on your right and do it all again. Because everyone plays on every roll, there's no sitting around and waiting – each player chooses a new shape for their board on every single turn! The player that fills in the most spaces on their game board is the winner! When you're finished, just wipe the boards clean with a tissue and you're ready to play again. This fun twist on the classic game is great for the whole family.


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