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Tootsie Roll Dice Game

Tootsie Roll Dice Game


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Simple & delicious! A dice game themed to the classic chocolate candy. Clever packaging looks like an actual Tootsie Roll. Great addition to a candy themed party! It's easy, everyone rolls their milk chocolate colored dice at once, in an attempt to be the first to make assigned combinations. Roll a TOOTSIE ROLL and score big, but there are 23 other combinations to try. Considered the fastest game on dice because everyone is frantically rolling their dice at the same time, making for many mishaps. Get ready for hours of dice rolling fun! We love this game and so will you because it's a great way to spend quality, unhurried time with the people you love. The whole family can be together. Make your next gift a memorable one! The Tootsie Roll Dice Game makes a unique gift, fun travel game or great party favor! Bring joy and laughter into the lives of many with this instant classic.

  • Includes 36 dice (6 sets of 6)
  • 24 combination cards and game rules included
  • For 2-6 players ages 12 and up

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