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Dinosaur Island: Rawr N Write

Dinosaur Island: Rawr N Write


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Roll-and-write pros, newbies to the genre, and dinosaur fans are all in for a galactic treat with the first ever roll-and-write set in the bustling chaos of Dinosaur Island!

Rawr n’ Write packs a full strategy game experience into a roll-and-write package. It’s a meaty, delightful romp that players can really dig into. Each game will see different Specialists for hire and different Buildings to construct, making for great replayability!

1-4 players

Ages 10+

30-45 minute play time



Game Board

2 Park Sheet Pads

1 Dice Bag

10 Dice

20 Building Cards

20 Specialist Cards

10 Solo AI Cards

1 Season Marker

1 First Player Marker

4 Pencils

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