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Drinks With Frenemies: Hardcore Edition

Drinks With Frenemies: Hardcore Edition


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Drinks with Frenemies is a hilarious party game with its ever-changing rules. All Drinks with Frenemies decks have six types of cards: DRINK, GAME, GAME OVER, FRENEMY RULE, GROUP RULE & SPECIAL. Drink cards target players and make them take drinks. Game cards make players play a mini game, Game Over cards end the game if players are willing to take the Frenemy Shot. Frenemy Rule gives one player the ability to create a rule for people to follow. Group Rule makes rules for everyone to follow. Finally, Special rule cards change the way the game is played by creating new game rules.

This deck is like hardcore parkour, you'll be jumping off walls and rolling on the floor with laughter.

This deck is NOT family friendly and includes 110 unique cards.

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