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MMP Case Files: Underwood Cellar

MMP Case Files: Underwood Cellar


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It's been over 20 years since famed winemaker Cary Underwood disappeared. After the Napa earthquake, police discovered the secret chamber that hid the truth all these years. Cary was murdered. Your job is to solve this cold case mystery.

Murder Mystery Party Case Files are packed with physical and digital evidence, which puts the player in the detective's shoes. Players think like a detective and work alone or with others to determine the motive, means, and opportunity of each suspect to solve the case.

For 1+ players, ages 14+


  • 8 Victim and Suspect Photos
  • 8 Crime Scene Photos
  • 6 Newspaper Articles
  • 32 Pieces of Other Case Evidence
  • Online Hints and Solutions

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