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Monikers Core Game

Monikers Core Game


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Genre: Adult  Family  Party  
Age: 18+  
Min Players: 4  
Max Players: 20  
Time: 60 Minutes  


A dumb party game that respects your intelligence.
Guess the name on a card
Monikers is pretty simple: get your team to guess as many weird, sometimes inappropriate names as they can in 1 minute.
Round 1: Say anything
Each round has different rules about how to give clues! But in Round One, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Just don’t say the name itself!
Round 2: One word
This sounds hard, but remember—the same cards are used in each round, so you’ve seen them all before! And don’t worry, you can always pass if you don’t know how to do it.
Round 3:
Charades The game ends in a huge crash of silliness. And once you’ve finished, you and your friends have all probably made up a bunch of hilarious jokes together.


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