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Sun Moon Rising

Sun Moon Rising


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Does your sign know you better than your friends do? In the Sun Moon Rising game for 3-6 players, put your perception and intuition to the test as you vote on whether statements are true or false about your friends—and attempt to match what they say about themselves.

This astrology game includes 300 double-sided cards with 50 statements personalized to each zodiac sign. Read a statement specific to your sign. Does it reflect who you are? Put it to a vote: everyone places a Sun token (true) or Moon token (false) on the table. Prove you know your friends to get rid of all your cards first to win! Choose from 3 ways to play—use the sun, moon, or rising sun deck, depending on whether you're playing with close friends or casual acquaintances.

Looking for girls night games or icebreaker games? This party card game for adults and teens 13 and up is a fabulous choice. Break it out for game night or as a group game for bachelorette parties, vacations, ski trips, and more!

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