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Truth or Drink: Extra Dirty

Truth or Drink: Extra Dirty


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Expands the original Truth or Drink: Extra Dirty deck into a Standalone version. 432 all-new questions guaranteed to shake things up. The set uses the rules from the from the Second Edition of the base game.

Definitely NSFW!

  • WHAT S IS IT?!: Truth or Drink: Extra Dirty jumps right into intensely dirty questions that are NOT PG-rated.
  • WHATs INCLUDED?: 410 NSFW question cards + 6 blank (customizable) cards + 16 Buy a Round cards
  • HOW TO PLAY: The rules are simple! Set out the drinks, and shuffle the deck of cards. Draw a card and ask the question printed on it. Will you take a drink (of choice!), or tell the cold hard truth? By nights end you'll all be better friends after asking the questions youd never dare ask out loud.

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