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Jigsaw: I am Sunflower 350 pieces

Jigsaw: I am Sunflower 350 pieces


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I am sunflower Look to the light! Floral-shaped 350-piece jigsaw puzzle. I am sunflower comes with a madd capp fun facts booklet. On one side is a fold-out puzzle image to use as a reference or hang as a poster. On the flipside is a wealth of amazing facts, including six great gardening tips. Did you know, for instance, that sunflowers are pollinator superheroes? Their broad, flat faces make for an easy landing, and their lush foliage is packed with pollen and nectar! And that sunflower seeds typically begin to sprout 10 to 14 days after planting and require gallons of water each week.

350 pieces Finished size: 24" x 20" (fits on most tabletops and tray tables)

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