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Murder on the Titanic 1000 pc.

Murder on the Titanic 1000 pc.


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Murder on the Titanic isn't just another jigsaw puzzle. It's a murder mystery waiting to be solved. First, read the booklet and meet 105-year-old Gwendolyn Everton as she reveals certain secrets about her voyage on the ill-fated vessel. Note that Gwendolyn is a bit hazy on the details of her twin sister's death. Next, assemble the 1,000-piece puzzle to uncover hidden clues. It's a mystery of titanic proportions, and it's up to you to sort through the evidence and expose the murderer. A great gift for puzzlers, mystery buffs and Titanic fanatics. Includes puzzle and mystery booklet.

The finished puzzle measures 23'' x 29''.

Suitable for puzzlers ages 15 and up.


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