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Giant Teetering Tower (Jenga)

Giant Teetering Tower (Jenga)


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This Giant Teetering Tower is where the big boys play. It plays the same as many other block tower games you've played before, but comes in a super sized package that enchances your experience. Our tower is also unique in that the blocks are sized so that on setup, there is space between blocks. This makes taking the blocks out easier as you'll have plenty of room to maneuver your fingers and twist blocks without worrying about hitting other ones. This Teetering Tower makes for a great party game that will keep your guests enthused throughout. Whether you're indoors or hitting the deck outside and having a backyard party, this tower can be built up and played anywhere for a fun group activity! You can play with two people with each taking out one block per turn, or split up into even teams and have players alternate and switch out who pulls the next block. When you're done, pack it all up in our bag with convenient straps so you can take it anywhere! The tower can get up to 4 Feet tall so get ready for a gargantuan great game!

Why You'll Love It

Like all of the products Brybelly makes, these blocks are made from safe natural cuts of wood. They are sanded down and filed to prevent weathering and spliters from forming on these blocks.


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