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The Game of Warriors

Get off your throne and partake in the ancient game of Kubb! This outdoor game has been played for centuries, since the days of Viking conquest. Now, the game of Kubb has found a modern audience as a wooden outdoor family game. Take aim with your throwing stick, and use it to topple your opponent's wooden blocks before they can do the same! The first to knock out the opponent's kubbs gets first shot at the "King" kubb. Best not miss!

Kubb is a game of precision, dexterity, and strategy. This version, including six throwing batons, four field stakes, 10 two-toned, hand-painted wooden kubbs, and a giant 12-inch King kubb in a modern, attractive blue and green paint scheme.

Why You'll Love It

Kubb is a popular, fun yard game for families, children, and people of all skill levels. This set includes smooth, high-quality wooden components and a complementary mesh carry-bag so you can take your show on the road! Great for outdoors, this durable game set provides two to four players with exciting spring and summer outdoor fun. Made from natural cuts of wood and safe, non-toxic paint.


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