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Lawn Bowling (Wooden)

Lawn Bowling (Wooden)


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American Lawn Bowling originated in Europe as Skittles, but shares many similarties with indoor bowling most people are familiar with. Players setup 10 pins and take two turns per frame and keeping score through 10 frames, just like regular bowling. Since you will most likely be playing on grass however, the balls being thrown can be bounced and throwing motion is a bit different. You can also try playing Skittles rules, included on the instructions sheet. This European style of bowling is played with 9 pins in a diamond shape. Players take three turns each in six frames, and if you're able to knock down all pins in the first or second turn you set all the pins back up to go for the high score! It's a fun variation on a familiar game that's fun for the whole family!

Why You'll Love It

Set includes 10 wooden pins, two hefty wooden balls, and instructions sheet! You'll also get a drawstring mesh bag so you can take this fantastic game wherever you want. All game materials are made from safe, natural cuts of wood.


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