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Don’t Spill The Beans (Refresh)

Don’t Spill The Beans (Refresh)


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Do you remember playing the classic Don't Spill the Beans game as a kid? Your own kids can have so much fun playing this bean-balancing, jar-tipping game. Players place a bean into the plastic jar one by one. It slowly fills up and reaches a point where…uh-oh! It tips over. The player that "spilled the beans" then adds all those beans to their pile. The first player to get rid of all their beans wins the game! It includes colorful and fun plastic beans, and labels for creating a silly face on the plastic bean jar. Get ready for lots of giggles as kids anticipate that moment when the jar tips! The 2-player game requires no reading so it's great for pre-schoolers and those who haven't learned how to read yet. It's a fun kindergarten game and makes a great gift for kids. 2 players Ages 3+ Contents: 2 jar halves Jar lid 2 hand Base 64 beans Label sheet Instructions