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Playmakers Flag Football Set

Playmakers Flag Football Set


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Get ready to carry your team to the endzone and Gridiron Glory with this Playmakers Flag football Set from Crown Sporting Goods. In this box is everything you need to have a professional quality Flag Football game whether it's your backyard or the local park. Set comes with 10 Flag belts of two colors, with tear-away velcro flags; a bean bag for marking first down; 10 cones for setting up boundary lines as well as endzones; 2 QB Wristbands with 6 double-sided playbook inserts; and a bag that can carry all of it with ease. Step your game up in a big way and introduce some strategy into your pickup games with this complete set.

Why You'll Love It

The playbook inserts come double sided with their own unique formations and you can fit two into each wrist band. That's four sheets of a strategic playcalling book, conveniently located on your wrist! Use the different formations for running trick plays, or throw the short pass if you need to gain only a few yards! You'll have so many plays at your disposal. The tear-away velcro flags ensure that each pull counts and you won't have to re-adjust your belt after every play.


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