Wrong Answers Only

Wrong Answers Only is the party game of–you guessed it–wrong answers! Start with a question like, “What was the last thing you asked Siri?” or “What three things do you keep in the refrigerator?” Write down the best wrong answer you can. You’ll get points by coming up with the most creative response or by guessing who came up with each answer.

I like the last part–getting points for guessing–because, turns out, I panic at quick-thinking games. We played Tapple at Compulsory Merriment the other day and city boy Chris beat me like a red-headed stepchild on the question, “Things on a Farm.” He says to me, “You have, like, a hundred chickens and you can’t come up with ‘eggs’ for the letter ‘e’?” Fair point.

So I like this game. It’s for people who enjoy creative thinking, humor and it even works for people who freeze like a squirrel on the yellow line when there’s a timer involved.

20 minutes playtime, 4 or more players, Ages 14+