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Liar’s Dice

Liar’s Dice


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Genre: Bluffing  Family  Party  
Age: 8+  
Min Players: 2  
Max Players: 6  
Time: 15-30 Minutes  


Gather the lads for a rousing game of Liar's Dice! As the dice rattle in their cups and the bluffing begins, it's a pirate's true test of honesty: who's a loyal mate and who's a sniveling sea dog? Maybe it was you all along!Crack open the pirate's chest to see all the spoils: a rolled-up playboard, yellow with age, bi-cast leather dice cups, thirty authentic bullseye dice, and a ruby red bidding die. Liar's Dice is a classic game for 2-6 cowboys, pirates, bandits, monster hunters, and gamblers. Bluff your friends and family while calling theirs. Track your bids on a handy bidding track around the edge of the included neoprene mat! Liar's Dice is a quick-playing game which fits perfectly into family game night. Running a tabletop RPG? Liar's Dice makes a great mini-game for in between 5e dungeon crawls and dragon hunts.


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