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Dungeon Party

Dungeon Party


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Dungeon Party is an easy-to-learn, raucous, play-anywhere, social role playing game, where the rooms, monsters, and treasures are all on coasters.

Players assemble a "dungeon" by creating a stack of coasters that includes rooms, monsters, and treasures. They then adventure through the dungeon by turning over tiles, battling the rooms, defeating the monsters, and looting the treasure. Along the way, they may pick up magical treasures or spells that can help them in their quest. If they survive the dungeon, the player with the most treasure points wins. If they do not, the dungeon wins. But either way, there will be laughs and maybe even a drink or two!

Battles are resolved by players trying to drop quarters on coasters. If they miss, players take hit damage. If they land on the coaster, the monsters take damage. Battles continue until either monster or player is eliminated.

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