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You Lying Sack

You Lying Sack


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You Lying Sack is a first-of-its kind collaboration with Penn Jillette of the legendary magic-duo Penn & Teller.

To play, reach into the Lying Sack and secretly grab Good or Bad Things, then go around the table and offer your closed fist. You will need to bluff, double-bluff, and do whatever 8 overlapping bluffs is called to outsmart your opponents. The odds change each turn, so your strategy should too. Will you outsmart your opponents? Or will you get caught?

2-5 players

Ages 7+

15 minute play time


  • 1 Good Thing
  • 50 Bad Things
  • The Lying Sack
  • The Die
  • 1 Gameboard
  • Plus one instruction manual that you will probably skim

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