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Cootie (Refresh)

Cootie (Refresh)


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Do you remember playing the classic Cootie game as a kid? Your own kids can have so much fun playing this mixing and matching, bug-building Cootie game. Players spin the spinner and hope that it lands on a Cootie bug part that they need for their bug. Players build their bug piece by piece, and the first one to create a complete bug wins! It includes colorful and fun plastic bug bodies, heads, and other parts for creating crazy critters. Get ready for lots of giggles as kids get creative while mixing and matching the pieces to make their bugs. The game requires no reading so it's great for preschoolers and those who haven't learned how to read yet. It's a fun kindergarten game and makes a great gift for kids.

1-3 players

Ages 3+


  • 4 bodies
  • 4 heads
  • 24 legs
  • 4 eye pieces
  • 4 mouth pieces
  • 4 head accessories
  • Spinner board
  • Plastic spinner and base
  • Label sheet
  • Game guide

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