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Jigsaw Puzzles: Fun Cats 4 in 1

Jigsaw Puzzles: Fun Cats 4 in 1


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Trefl jigsaw puzzles are produced in Poland using natural materials only. The special paper with a flax fiber structure reduces the light refelction and makes them easy to use, giving you even more joy.

The product consists of 4 independent jigsaw puzzles, providing your kid with even more fun! Combining the learning and fun in a pleasant way, they stimulate the curiosity and imagination of the children.

The vivid colors and friendly puzzle shapes encourage the children to play, while the interesting illustrations catch their eyes.

A varied number of puzzle pieces allow both younger and slightly older children to play. A set of several jigsaw puzzles gives you the opportunity of playing additional games, such as jigsaw puzzle speed contest, comparing pictures or looking for the difference and similarities between them.

Ages 4+

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