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Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior


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Welcome to the first MONOPOLY game for kids, where they can earn money the fun way! The MONOPOLY Junior game is like the classic MONOPOLY game, but it's accessible and exciting for younger players. Includes 4 of the favorite classic tokens before they grew up. Kids will have a blast racing their tokens around the board, buying the fun properties they love such as the ice cream parlor, the toy store, and the skate park. Kids choose their favorite Junior token and learn how to pass Go, buy properties, and collect rent. Single banknotes keep the transactions fast and easy.

Includes: 1 Game Board, 4 tokens, 20 Chance Cards, 48 sold signs, 90 banknotes, 1 Die, 4 Who's Your Token? Character Cards and Game Guide.

Ages 5+


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